TT Combat Pack (22L)
MSRP Cdn $139.99
TT Field Pack (100L)
MSRP Cdn $329.99
TT Vest Base
MSRP Cdn $84.99
Universal 22 l combat rucksack with front patch pouches Long range backpack with higher storage volume (80l + 20l).
Lightweight tactical vest with size adjustment.
TT Cruiser (90L)
MSRP Cdn $189.99
TT Chest Rig MKII
MSRP Cdn $149.99
TT Rifle Bag L
MSRP Cdn $189.99
Extremely robust 90 l equipment bag. Lightweight, universal harness with side pocket for armour plates. Weapon carry bag for weapons up to 121 cm in length (Sako TRG etc.)